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 Read This! -IMPORTANT-

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Read This! -IMPORTANT- Empty
PostSubject: Read This! -IMPORTANT-   Read This! -IMPORTANT- EmptyWed Feb 09, 2011 7:08 am

Hello people,

I will make this deal with you that every 10 votes I get from RuneLocus.com, I will have a drop party! You can check how many we have because it is on the front page and instantly gets changed whenever we get votes. Please remember you can only vote once every 24 hours. Also this is not just the time I will be hosting drop parties.

Other Events:

Reach a goal: Most People On, First Maxed in Combat Skills, First to meet owner, stuff like that, etc.
Holidays: I love the holidays, they need gifts.
Birthdays: Don't lie, I won't have one if you are lieing. And everyone will lose this if you do abuse.
I feel like it: Feel like having one, I will have random ones.
Updates: I do have updates some times and you will be offline for like 1 minute and I need your help to stay calm and wait.

Listen, If server goes offline, I will try to put it back up! As soon as it goes back up, I will have a drop party to celebrate!

Thanks, Justin.
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Read This! -IMPORTANT-
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